Wednesday, May 12, 2010

first option

Here is my situation: I would like to get back to work part-time as an English or French teacher. I have two small children and a husband who works full-time. I used to work as a high school teacher in Stans but there is too much additional work involved as a teacher at this level. the extra-curricular activities are an interesting part of teaching as are the ped days but they require too much extra involvement at the moment considering the family situation. I would like to explore the different options available: business English, EAP, tutoring, online teaching...

Let's start with business English. I have never taught any business English. I would be happy to hear from someone who has done this type of teaching. What kind of diploma is needed? Who teaches Business English?...


  1. Hi, I would recommend that you do what you love doing. If the idea of business English leaves you cold, then don't even waste your time. They want you there before their first meeting in the morning, at lunch time and after work. Hard for a mum who wants to stay involved with family life too. I worked in adult education a couple of evenings while the children were growing up, and I enjoyed the change. I had a baby sitter who came in for the early evening to let me get out to classes on time. I have taught a little business English too. I did an intense course for a week one summer and got a certificate for teaching business English. I enjoyed that part. But I much prefer general classes where I have a lot of choice over what we do and how we do it. I'm sure other people have a totally different experience...

  2. If you have taught adults then the only tip I have for business English is simply to read a little about their industry/profession.

    Apart from the expected vocabulary differences, that would also exist if your students were very involved in golf, fishing, or any other activity - teaching Business English differs little from General English.

    You might not encounter the same conditions as you experienced in the high school ( I am assuming this was a state position).

    Good luck with the changes!