Tuesday, May 18, 2010

week 3

My goal this week is to join a few discussions and see where this leads. I have read the blogs that are listed on the main page and enjoyed seeing the different ideas that the members have. I am a bit surprised at how much time it took for me to understand the basics. Somehow, time flies when I am on the computer and the next thing I know it is alreaday so late. I have learned a lot with the readings, the videos and the practical side of this course. I still wouldn't know how to begin something like this with a class but would probably need to just "do it"!!!


  1. Hi Dan , I figured out how to change the whole blog to English: Go to settings and then click on formatting (oops, don't know what that is in German), then scroll down to language (Sprache) and you can choose as you wish! I like your colour, I guess we like the refreshing spring colours.. in hopes of a warm summer!

  2. Hi Debking,

    Thank you for your help. I tried and it worked!!! Have once again learned more:)